Annual Output of 30 billion Super Easy Pull End Coating Material Is Steadily Underway

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Adhering to the principle "Project is of vital importance", Henan Everyhigh continuously push forward the progress of our 30 billion Super Easy Pull End Coating Material project, focusing on quality, back scheduling, and wall chart operation to ensure critical timelines of the project are met. Revolving around the activity of “Ten thousand people help Ten thousand Enterprises”, we liaise closely with different government sectors to form an amiable relation and interaction with the local authority. And to further strengthen our brand image, promote development with quality, and enhance product value, we should better position ourselves to fully assimilate and utilize all the favorable terms the government have provided, and seize every opportunity to promote development with steadfast belief.


Our “30 billion Super Easy Pull End Coating Material project” is a major project proposal for investment in Gongyi City in 2019 and one of the key projects of Henan province. The project, with an estimated investment of approximately 2 billion yuan, is located in No.792,310 National Road, Huiguo Town, Gongyi City. This new factory will encompass two workshops, one office building, and several brand new production lines including coating line, slitting line, wave-shear line, printing line, and easy pull end production line, totaling 70,000 square meters of construction area.


The company’ plan to build a large industrial complex that focuses on metal packaging for food industry, main and auxiliary material supply, and production of easy pull end and tab materials, once completed and reaches the designed capacity, will be capable of producing 30 billion super easy pull ends and coating materials annually, generating 3 billion yuan sales revenue and 100 million yuan taxation of profit. Plus, more than 500 people will be put to work once the new factory is fully operational. Boasting state-of-the-art technology and rich experience in food grade color coated aluminum products, combined with the advantage of industrial chain and aluminum further processing capacity in industrial cluster of Gongyi City, we will be able to significantly reduce transportation costs of raw materials and fully tap into aluminum base materials in the industrial cluster, achieving quality upgrade of aluminum processing industry in the cluster area.


Estimated time of production: Mid-November, 2022



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